Our Own South

08 jul. Our Own South

Nothing can better define a country that its people, its culture and history, framed by its characteristic landscape.
Our Own South” is an imaginary trip through the south of Catalonia, our land.
It is difficult to convey with images, the character of a working people, honored and proud of their culture, people who have managed to maintain their identity through the years.
It is an attempt to show some of the most authentic and endearing aspects of this wonderful and uncharted territory.
This piece has been performed with our little drone and “Ándale” a smoother cam operated manually.
Organicer: Catalunya Experience
Produced by: AeroShots
Performed in: Tarragona and Terres del ebre – The South of Catalonia
Main Music: Gramatton/audiojungle
Sound/musical arrangements: DANIELBahamonde > The Master
Introduction: John Rosen.


Darrera del nick edp hi trobareu a l'Eduard un català de Girona enamorat de la seva terra i apassionat per internet, la fotografia i els esports de muntanya.

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